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Your personalized path to wellness

As part of the Vejo Research Center, Vejo+ offers a curated wellness program that helps you map a path to your healthiest, happiest self.

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The Vejo+ Roadmap


Get acquainted

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Your Dedicated Team

Meet your naturopathic doctor, certified nutritionist, and concierge manager—the real people who will support you on your wellness journey.


Start with data

Lab Draw

Kick off Vejo+ with a comprehensive lab workup to measure over 160 biomarkers that are modifiable by dietary and lifestyle changes.

Body Composition Analysis

Step on our seca Medical Body Composition Analyzer for an in-depth scan of your muscle, fat, water, and other body parameters.


Integrative intakes

Qualitative Health and Nutrition Assessment

Your team takes the necessary time to get to know you—where you’ve been, where you’re going—and brainstorms sustainable plans for change.


Get to work

Nutrition Guide and Action Plan

With all of your data in hand, your team will deliver a plan that transforms as you do. These plans are focused on sustainable changes that empower you to make health-centric decisions.

Flexible Nutrition Consults

Your personal nutritionist is available for as much—or as little—support as you would like; we’re always available to answer questions, provide insight, and cheer you on as you meet your goals.

Vejo Personalized Blends

The pièce-de-résistance: Your doctor will formulate your personalized Vejo+ blends from scratch, unique to you and your needs.


Measurable results

Second Lab Draw

Let’s keep each other honest: The mid-point lab review allows you to measurably assess the real impact of the program and your hard work, and lets your team refine your action plan and blends.


Health at your fingertips

Vejo+ Portal

Access your action plans, review your labs, learn about every ingredient in your blends, and contact your team—anytime, anywhere.


Upwards and onwards

Continuous Care at Your Convenience

In the wellness world, active engagement is a pre-requisite for success. With Vejo+ that’s never been easier. We work flexibly to accommodate both your scheduling needs and communication style. We’re always on hand to help you stay active and keep you moving forward.

Vejo+ Nutrition Consults

At Vejo, we believe health begins with a solid nutritional foundation. To that end, Vejo+ offers five- and ten-pack nutrition consults. Our nutritionists approach each person individually and create a customized action plan based on their unique needs. The plans encompass everything from food choices and lifestyle habits to minimizing health risks and supporting sustainable behavior change. For more information or to schedule a 15-minute info call with one of our nutritionists, email concierge@vejo.com.

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