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1-Day Reset Guide

A fresh start

The Vejo 1-Day Reset provides a quick and efficient way for any individual to start fresh, resetting the digestive system while getting your healthy habits back on track. Vejo's 24-hour reset delivers nourishing vitamins, minerals, and essential plant-based proteins.

Consume your blends in this order

Match Latte blend

1. Matcha Latte

Kickstart your day with a sustained energy boost from organic Japanese matcha, packed with antioxidants and balanced by creamy organic oat milk. Amino acid L-theanine slows caffeine metabolism for 3-4 hours of steady energy.

Clean Greens blend

2. Clean Greens

Fresh and herbaceous, just like your favorite veggies plucked straight from the garden! Clean Greens provides over 50% of your daily vegetable intake and is an excellent source of naturally occurring sugars, fiber, and B vitamins.

Immunity Fuel Orange blend

3. Immunity Fuel Orange

Your daily immune support with a juicy flavor from peak-season oranges. Formulated to protect your body against modern stressors, Immunity Fuel delivers a blend of stress-fighting adaptogens, beta-glucans, vitamins, and minerals.

Vanilla Plant-based Protein blend

4. Vanilla Plant-based Protein

Fuel up with plant power! Drink Vejo's Plant-Based Protein solo or pair with one of the other blends in the cleanse to provide the body with complete amino acids for muscle maintenance, repair, and growth. 15g protein per pod.

Mood Boost blend

5. Mood Boost

Formulated to improve the brain's ability to regulate mood, Mood Boost delivers a sunshine state of mind with the help of stress-supporting adaptogens, calming magnesium, and essential vitamins. Feel good from the inside out!

Banana Almond blend

6. Banana Almond

This nourishing blend will fulfill the most indulgent cravings while delivering 7g of plant-based protein. Banana Almond provides an energizing, fiber-rich snack made with organic cinnamon, lucuma, and vanilla. Fuel up and fill up!

Sleep Lemon Tea blend

7. Sleep Lemon Tea

Your evening nightcap. Get your 6-8 hours of restorative rest with Sleep Lemon Tea, a powerful blend of sleep-promoting nutraceuticals and nutrients that support relaxation. Sleep Lemon Tea should be enjoyed 30 minutes before bed.

Cleanse tips

icon water droplets

Prioritize hydration

Hydration is essential! Keep the detox process flowing smoothly by prioritizing hydration with plenty of water and herbal tea.

icon walking person

Keep activity light

If you plan to exercise, it's best to keep activity low-impact while your body adapts to nutritional changes and energy deficit.

icon caffeine

Avoid too much caffeine

Promote the flushing of harmful toxins by avoiding the consumption of alcohol or excessive caffeine throughout the cleansing process.

Frequently asked questions

How much water should I drink during the cleanse?
Adequate hydration improves sleep quality, energy, mood, and cognition. Drinking enough water throughout your cleanse will also keep you feeling fuller and support the pathways involved in the detoxification process. Since you are not obtaining water through solid food, it is important to be mindful to make sure you are paying attention to your fluids throughout your cleanse. The amount of water to drink in your cleanse is not necessarily straightforward. Depending on if your environment tends to be on the hotter, cooler, humid, or drier side and on the demand of your daily physical activity, you may need to drink more or less water throughout the day. A general guideline often used is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. Herbal teas count towards your daily hydration too.
Why does the order of the blends matter?
Although we lay out a suggestion on the order of your blends throughout your cleanse, feel free to personalize to your liking. Some may prefer combining the Plant-Based Protein blends with other blends, while others may like to have them on their own. We do recommend keeping the Matcha Latte in the morning since it contains caffeine which can disrupt sleep and the Sleep Lemon Tea blend in the evening since it contains herbal supplements that support a restorative night's rest.
What should I do if I get hungry during the cleanse?
If you find that you are hungry, have an 8 ounce glass of water. If that didn’t help alleviate your sensations of hunger, try mixing your Vejo blend with a dairy alternative (i.e. oat or almond milk). If you find that your feeling of hunger is unbearable, eat! Reach for a small handful of almonds, avocado, or veggies.
How do I best prepare for the cleanse?
If you are doing the Vejo 1-Day Reset, you do not necessarily need to do much prep as most find easy to accomplish. If you are doing the Reset & Restore or Power Cleanse, we recommend that you start cutting down on caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods as it may help your transition into the cleanse.
What do I do after my cleanse is over?
As you prepare to get back to solid foods, keep your healthy habits going. Ease back into your caffeine consumption and keep alcohol consumption in moderation. To keep the benefits of your cleanse going longer, we recommend consuming a high quality whole foods diet by choosing organic produce, grass-fed grass-finished, pasture raised, wild-caught protein, and healthy fats while continuing to limit refined processed foods.