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What's the deal with freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying maintains essential nutrients and delicious flavor from organic produce while providing nutrition that's sustainable and shelf-friendly.

Fresher than store-bought produce

Vejo Smoothie Blends are made with 100% freeze-dried organic fruit and veggies to preserve nutrients while prolonging shelf life & reducing food waste. The cherry on top - blends can be stored for at least 12 months without refrigeration. A conventional smoothie just can't compete with our portable pods!

Preserves nutrients

Vejo's organic fruit and vegetables are harvested at peak ripeness and immediately shock frozen. The freeze-drying process removes the water, but not the valuable nutrients and fiber.

Maximizes freshness

By removing the water, organic fruits and vegetables can be stored without refrigeration for at least 12 months. Grab your Vejo, add liquid & blend to unlock that delicious flavor.

Reduces food waste

Approximately 40% of food in the United States goes to waste. Freeze-drying in a biodegradable pod ensures less waste from packaging and a longer shelf life for fruits and veggies.

A sustainable system

Due to the lower volume and weight of the ingredients after freeze-drying, less packaging is required. This also allows us to transport more product using fewer emissions over time.

So how does freeze-drying work?

Our fruits and veggies are harvested at peak ripeness and immediately frozen. Then through a process called lyophilization, we lower the temperature and decrease the air pressure surrounding the ingredients, turning the water into a vapor that's removed. We grind the remaining ingredients into a smooth powder that retains nearly all of the produce's compound nutrients, only to be rehydrated and restored upon blending with liquid.

Produce harvested at peak ripeness and immediately frozen

Pressure is lowered, turning water into vapor to be removed

Ingredients are ground into a powder that retains nutrients

Added liquid restores and refreshes nutrients in your blender

How do our blends compare?

Vejo blends

Store-bought smoothies

Prolonged shelf life without refrigeration (12 months)

Perishable = reduced shelf life (3 days max)

Freeze-drying preserves vitamins & nutrients

Pasteurization destroys many vitamins & nutrients

Rich color, aroma, and taste from nature (100% fruit!)

Generally contain colorants & preservatives (50% fruit)

No added sugar - natural sweetness from ripe fruit

Often packed with sugar - up to 30g per bottle

Vejo blends are always in season

You can always count on real fruit and vegetables, harvested during peak-season and freeze-dried to preserve flavor, micronutrients, and antioxidants.