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Vanilla Protein is the perfect way to boost any blend
At Vejo, we believe that versatility builds sustainable healthy habits. Our Vanilla Protein pairs well with many blends, providing a nourishing snack anytime, anywhere.

Fueling up on protein during the day can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! In our culture, it’s common to wait until dinner time to get your protein fix for the day rather than consuming it throughout the day. However, protein is essential fuel your body, and our Vanilla Protein blend is the perfect way to power up wherever the day brings you.

Add our Vanilla Protein to these blends for boosted benefits:

tart berry protein

Tart Berry + Vanilla Protein - this is the creamy berry smoothie of your dreams. Together, these blends provide an antioxidant-rich snack to power your morning or curb your afternoon cravings with 15g of plant protein. Tart Berry also provides an excellent source of Vitamin C and naturally occurring enzymes.

Matcha Latte + Vanilla Protein - when you’re looking for a pick-me-up with an added protein boost, this is for you! Get an energy boost from nature with Matcha while adding to your energy levels with protein and fiber. Bonus points: rich in antioxidants with zero added sugar.
banana almond protein

Banana Almond + Vanilla Protein - Low energy levels due to skipping a meal? We’ve got the solution. This combination of blends provides 22g of nourishing protein and 6g of essential fiber: delicious, creamy, and a great way to refuel.

Cold Brew Coffee + Vanilla Protein - like a creamy latte, but better! Our Cold Brew Coffee features flavorful, medium roast Arabica beans that provide just the right amount of buzz with a healthy dose of antioxidants. Experience smooth energy while getting 9 essential amino acids by adding Vanilla Protein to the mix.

Each of these combinations is ready in just 60 seconds. Just blend, combine and enjoy. Got questions? Chat with a Vejo Rep or connect support@vejo.com

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