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What You Need to Know About HydroCurc® Curcumin In Our Daily Recovery Blend
The ingredients in our Daily Recovery blend are key to helping your body fight the stressors of everyday living and get you back in the game.

The ingredients in our Daily Recovery blend are key to helping your body fight the stressors of everyday living. Whether these rigors are tied to your diet, strenuous exercise, or just a 9-to-5, the powerful ingredients in this blend are formulated to fight inflammation and get you back in the game. 

A big part of this process starts with curcumin, delivered via HydroCurc®. This water-soluble form of curcumin is a powerful tool in Daily Recovery. And, by understanding the relationship between curcumin and HydroCurc®, you’ll better understand why Daily Recovery is essential to your daily routine.

What is HydroCurc®?

Curcumin is a natural chemical produced by the Curcuma longa plant, also known as turmeric. This ingredient is widely studied as one of the best herbal ingredients for reducing inflammatory responses within your body because of its high amount of antioxidants.

But, there’s a catch. By itself, curcumin isn’t great at being absorbed by the body, which means most of those antioxidants don’t reach our cells. This is why HydroCurc® is so important. It’s a special form of curcumin that contains a technology called LipiSperse®, which makes it water-soluble and able to be absorbed into your body. This key technology helps your body make the most of curcumin’s antioxidants and helps speed up the process as well.

Why is Hydrocurc® Important to My Health?

HydroCurc® is important to your health because antioxidants are important to your health. Studies have shown that the better ingredients like curcumin are delivered to our cells, the better our bodies become at defending against various forms of inflammation. This means better muscle recovery, immune defense, and much more.

Why Vejo Uses HydroCurc® in Daily Recovery

We’ve incorporated HydroCurc® in our Daily Recovery blend because it’s a safe, fast, and efficient way for your body to absorb high-quality antioxidants. It’s an exciting development in health technology; just a few years old, it’s already revolutionizing how people can get more antioxidants more quickly. 

Coupled with ingredients like astaxanthin, which can also help protect against the long-term chronic effects of inflammation and joint damage, Daily Recovery is a simple, yet powerful way to improve your everyday health. And, the positive benefits of ingredients like HydroCurc® and astaxanthin are realized the more consistently you ingest them. So, be sure to be to incorporate Daily Recovery into your day-to-day routine.