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Glow from Within with Vejo Collagen Glow
Learn how protein plays a role in your immune health, and how Vejo blends can help increase your daily protein intake so you can stay strong & healthy.

True beauty starts with whole-body health. This is the driving idea behind our new Collagen Glow blend, formulated to keep you looking (and feeling!) healthy and beautiful—inside and out. This daily blend of clinically proven ingredients works to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, strengthen hair and nails, and deliver unparalleled results to create a holistic picture of beauty.

A First-Of-Its-Kind Daily Blend

Unlike other collagen supplements, our new blend contains 10g of collagen in each pod, which is four times the amount of beauty-optimized collagen when compared to other products on the market. Beyond collagen, it contains nine plant-based superfood extracts designed to reverse aging effects, hydrate skin, and improve elasticity. These ingredients work together to bring you results, and fast. In fact, by incorporating Collagen Glow into your daily routine, clinical studies have shown that you may notice more visibly hydrated skin in as little as 4 weeks. 

The Best Ingredients for Beauty

Collagen Glow contains some of the most revolutionary beauty supplements available, each backed by clinical studies for safety and efficacy. We use VERISOL® collagen in each pod, a beauty-optimized collagen that can stimulate the skin cells to produce more collagen, improving the skin’s structure, and delivering glowing results from the inside out.

Each pod also contains 500mg of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant found in red wine. Taken regularly, it will help protect your skin against UV rays, environmental factors, and can even slow signs of aging. To help improve skin elasticity and slow the aging process, we also included Dermaval™, a clinically-proven combination of nine plant-based superfood extracts. As a cherry on top, each blend also includes biotin, a water-soluble vitamin that can help strengthen your nails and hair. 

Faster Results For You

Because Collagen Glow is ingestible, the body is able to break down the proteins more easily and quickly. Coupled with that, we included the proven collagen activator vitamin C in each blend, so that you’ll see results faster than ever. In fact, daily supplementation with VERISOL® resulted in a 60 percent increase in skin collagen and a 15 percent increase in skin elasticity in just four weeks.

Long-Term Results

The results don’t end there. Collagen Glow’s effects become more and more effective over time, particularly when it’s ingested on a daily basis. Beyond skin health, elasticity, and an overall glow, 175 percent of users saw longer, stronger nails, and 80 percent were completely satisfied with the beautifying effects when consuming VERISOL® daily for four weeks.

Maintaining and improving your skin, hair, and nails doesn’t have to be difficult. We formulated our Collagen Glow blend to be an easy daily routine to keep you looking young and radiant without any harsh treatments or collagen injections. Added bonus: the refreshing watermelon taste with a hint of mint is a tasty way to boost your beauty routine. Now also available in Strawberry Lime flavor!