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Build Your Own Box with Kendra Alley
Meet Kendra, a busy entrepreneur and mom of 3 who’s keeping health a top priority with Vejo’s Build Your Own subscription box.

Meet Kendra, a busy entrepreneur and mom of 3 who’s keeping health a top priority with Vejo’s Build Your Own subscription box. With these boxes, flexibility is key! Kendra keeps us inspired by flowing through her demanding schedule with on-the-go nutritional support from our blends. Today on the blog, we’re chatting with her about all things Vejo - from targeted health benefits to her and her family’s favorite blends.

Not familiar with our subscription boxes? A community favorite, Vejo’s Build Your Own Box is the easiest way to commit to sustainable healthy habits with just a few clicks. This box is designed for you, by you! Choose blends that fit your monthly mood and swap them when you’re looking to switch up your targeted support.

Read our 1:1 with Kendra below! 

Vejo: What blends would you add to a custom box just for you?

Kendra: A custom box is perfect for me because I love so many of the blends. I typically blend based on benefit so, I love Matcha Latte for the steady energy, protein blends for Plant-Based ProteinClean Greens because one can never have enough leafy green veggies, Daily Recovery so I don't miss a beat, Mood Boost because I have three kids and can always use a little pep in my step. Oh, and Sleep Lemon Tea... because LIFE IS CRAZY and nothing makes me more productive than a hard snooze.

Vejo: Why are these your go-to blends as a busy mom and business owner?

Kendra: My health is my priority. It's non-negotiable. Having three young kids and a business doesn't always make that priority easy for me to achieve. I am always looking for healthy foods that are filling and fast. Vejo was an instant "click" for me because I can always whip one up in no time in between meetings, workout sessions or carpool. The newly added protein blends have really saved me. I typically combine those with another blend and it fills me up!

Vejo: What blends would you select for your kids? 

Kendra: Any Vejo is an approved Vejo in this house. Organic, no added sugar, and high-end ingredients check all of my boxes. My rule: you must have a fridge snack before you have a pantry snack...unless you're reaching for a Vejo, because then the answer is always yes.

Vejo: What are each of your kids' favorite blends?

Kendra: Piña Strawberry and Tropical. My boys always drink water - so these blends are a total treat for the boys! 

Vejo: What are some of your husband’s favorite blends? 

Kendra: David's favorite blends are Piña StrawberryCold Brew Coffee, and Sleep Lemon Tea!

Commit to healthier, smoother days by building your box today! Have questions? We’re here to help! support@vejo.com